What is life Coaching

November 25, 2019 adblawor 0 Comments

Lee Chambers entered the workforce just after finishing university in 2007. Since then he has been in an inspirational journey. He worked on himself when things were not going that well for him. And then he started an eCommerce and distribution business which he still runs, that in turn gave him the cushion financially and mentally to carry on with his study on Nutrition, Sleep, Fitness and Psychology.


2014 was really tough for him, he was ill and he spends the next few too many months to even learn how to walk again. His illness made him realise how powerful a human mind can be and how much the mind and soul matters to make it all right to achieve a goal. Then he started with Essentialise to spread out on whatever he has realised and wants to spread the same kind of awareness to the people who actually need it.

Life Coaching is important and is ok to have. It is not always easy to rectify and get yourself focused on what you actually want. And Lee is actually using Essentialise to connect to those who have the same sort of problems what he had once. His coaching process consists of nothing but a true and real connection with the client.


 A personal space made only to make a good communication cause a good talk can help the coach understand how much the client is into it, how much effort the client is willing to put in and most importantly how deep of an issue the client is in. Life coaching is nowhere close to counselling. Life coaching is all about the coach helping you to overcome the barriers within and focus on the dreams or desires you have no matter how hard it might look to you.

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