What Is Car Detailing?

car detailing

Car detailing is a process of improving the appearance and the condition of the exterior and interior surfaces of your car. It involves washing, polishing and sealing of the paintwork, and repairing minor scratches and blemishes. Click to find out more

Car detailing also consists of cleaning the engine bay, and other areas of the vehicle. A good detailer will also clean the tires. Clean cars attract more attention and improve resale value. In addition, they help reduce maintenance costs.

The main goal of car detailing is to make the exterior of your vehicle look better. This can be done by buffing the surface or by applying wax. Sealants protect the surface and provide a sheen to the finish. Moreover, a coat of paint can be applied to improve the appearance of your vehicle.

Detailers can also apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle to ensure longevity. Although this process requires significant preparation, it offers durability of up to five years.

How to Detail Your Car’s Glass for Crystal Clear Vision

Exterior detailing starts with a high-powered wash. After this, the interior of your vehicle is cleaned using steam cleaning. Afterwards, the windows are washed. During the wash, a cleaning solution is applied to the surface, which removes stains and dust. Using a microfiber towel, the surface is dried.

Interior detailing involves cleaning the windows and seats. The carpet and leather are also cleaned. These are cleaned using special products designed for different materials.

Some detailers use steam cleaning to get rid of stubborn stains. Others use a rotary machine polisher to eliminate fine scratches.

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