Understanding The Different Types Of Street Poles And Light Fixtures

Street poles are a great way to add extra security to your home or business, and they can make all the difference in safety during outdoor events. If you go to any of the major outdoor festivals like the Sturgis Bike Rally or the Harley Rendezvous Classic you’ll notice that the police are a few hundred feet away looking for vehicles that are not properly displaying their correct stickers and license plates. This is not only to protect the people who are attending these events, but it’s a part of ensuring the safety of everyone else who might be out driving at night as well. With proper street lighting you can deter crime significantly and keep people safe while they are enjoying themselves on their motorcycles. There are a few simple things to look for when buying street lights, and here are a few of them:

Find Out How I Cured My Understanding The Different Types Of Street Poles And Light Fixtures

Smart poles are easy to install and are often more affordable than street lights, which is one of the biggest advantages to purchasing one versus a street light fixture. You can easily install a single light fixture that has a smart light in it, which means that anytime anybody walks on the light post it will automatically come on, giving them an instant warning of what is going on. Because of this ability to instantly communicate to people on the street about what is going on, these lights have become extremely popular for businesses and homes that need a bit of extra security and safety around their outdoor areas. Installation of smart posts and lights can often be done on your own in a weekend, and they are a great solution for businesses and homeowners looking for a solution without a big cost.

Street light fixtures are available in two different types, and depending on what your needs are, will depend on what type of street light pole you purchase. You can either choose from ground spot lighting, which is the most common style, or you can get lights with a ground spike, which helps to direct the light fixtures in a specific direction so that people don’t get hit from the sides or the back. The last option is often used for pathways and parking lots, because of the increased visibility it creates and also because it is a very secure way to provide extra security to your property.

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