The history of utility trailer

utility trailer
November 22, 2019 adblawor 0 Comments

The atv utility trailer manufacturing completed 100 years of producing and selling trailers in 2015, they were one of the first companies to develop a trailer and here is their brief story.

utility trailer

It all started it the year of 1914 when two brothers, H.C. Bennett and E.W. Bennett decided to sell their company in Phoenix to move to the uprising land of Los Angeles. They used to facilitate their company’s commute system with long-drawn horses and they always desired for a much speedy commute system which could help their business grow. Their main notice to move to Los Angeles was to purchase inexpensive supplies and material to build their own trailer for commercial purposes. But instead, they took control of a company that had just started manufacturing trailers.

The brothers were very driven and ambitious to build the kind of trailers which could really make the commute on difficult roads feasible, making their lives much more possible.

utility trailer

The far-sighted brothers believed that the manufacturing of trailers should be in a large number and made using simple techniques and design. The production was in bulky numbers so that people could be allowed to buy the trailers at reasonable prices. Once, they had established their company, the brothers started innovating and experimenting with the trailers which led them to produce single-axle and multi-axled trailers.

The utility trailer is the nation’s oldest and the first manufacturer to master on building and designing trailers completely from the new materials.

Before you use any product, it’s very important to know a part of its history as it gives us an insight on how the product us built and how it’s legacy still continues to grow and flourish. It’s been more than 100 years, and trailers are still being developed and manufactured to its best form.

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