The Best Outdoor Garden Benches Available

outdoor garden benchOutdoor garden benches can be very functional and elegant. However, there are many things to consider before purchasing one. The first thing that should be considered is the weight capacity of the bench. The maximum weight that is safe for the bench is based on many factors such as the composition of the materials used to build it, the overall size, and the amount of people who will be using it. Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide how much weight your outdoor bench can safely carry:

The Best Outdoor Garden Benches Available

When it comes to determining the weight capacity of a bench, there are three main categories that include benches with a frame, those without a frame, and the backless variety. The most popular style of bench, which is the one without a frame, has only a crossbar and a set of arms along with the bottom part made up of a soft durable plastic. The frame provides stability and is usually made of steel or aluminum. The downside to this type is that there is no support provided under the bench top. As a result, if the bench becomes wet, especially when it gets wet from a rain storm, the contents may spill out onto the ground and create a hazard.


Bench seats that have a frame provide the most stability because they are designed to stay upright even in extreme weather conditions. As long as you choose a bench with a seat that is designed to withstand the weight capacity, the seat will be fine. There are two main types of bench seats; the traditional curved bench seat and the cast iron backless bench seat. The traditional curved type has a long back and seats at the front and back of the bench. For a more comfortable to sit, the curved bench seat allows you to curve your legs slightly at the knee so the seat does not become uncomfortable.

The cast iron backless bench seat is much more comfortable because the seat is slatted in place. This means that it is easier to get in and out of the seat with the slatted option. The backless seat also offers a much better back support than the slatted model. With a slatted seat, if your heels are touching the floor, it is very difficult to sit down comfortably because the bottom of your feet would hit the floor. In addition to providing better comfort, the cast iron backless model also offers better durability as compared to the traditional curved model.

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