Social Media Marketing for Realtors: Tips and Tricks

What is social media marketing for realtors anyway? It is a method of marketing your business online using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. These are sites where many people “like” things you share with them such as updates on sales or new listings. They give out contact information as well for possible future buyers and bring in more leads. As more people become involved with social media marketing for realtors, it is becoming the realtor’s best source of exposure and is no longer reserved for large realtors only.

Here Is A Quick Cure For Social Media Marketing For Realtors: Tips And Tricks

Now, there are a few tips when starting social media marketing for real estate agents; make sure to have your brand in place before even setting up your profile. Your “About” page must have your full name, your web site address, a quick profile picture (use your business card if you have one handy), and a few links back to any blogs/websites you may have as well as a link to your Facebook or Twitter page. Once you get people to recognize your brand, then your brand image can be conveyed through all of your internet content. Make sure that you have your “About” page completely filled out before creating any posts. The more information you include about yourself and your business, the better the impression you will create.

There are a few other social media marketing for real estate tips to help you connect with your prospects. Include links to your blog at the end of any email you send out as this gives your prospects the chance to read more of what you have to say about your realtor business. You may also want to include links to any networking sites that your prospects may belong to as this can get your realtor website in front of thousands of prospects instantly. Finally, always update your information on your website and give prospects something to keep in mind as you begin meeting with new prospects. By consistently providing useful information to your prospects, you will establish yourself as an expert in your particular niche.

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