Retaining Walls in Geelong

Retaining walls in Geelong are a great way to boost the value of your property. They also protect the soil around your home from erosion, which can cause structural damage to your home and other nearby properties.

Materials and Construction

When you’re looking for retaining wall services, it’s important to find a local professional who is experienced and certified. They can help you determine the best retaining wall design, build, and installation, as well as help you get the right permits from your local authorities.

Retaining wall materials depend on the type of soil, location, and aesthetic preferences. Some of the most common options include poured concrete, stone, and timber.

Sandstone is another popular retaining wall material, because it can be shaped into many different designs. It’s also durable, easy to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing.

Sheet Pile Retaining Walls

A sheet pile retaining wall is constructed using steel sheets that are driven into the ground. These are then supported by cables or rods anchored to the rock behind them.

Anchored retaining walls are often used in commercial landscaping projects. They are also great for taller and more complex structures such as highway retaining walls and bridge abutments.

Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls

A reinforced soil retaining wall is designed by a geotechnical engineer and is built in layers. The retaining wall is reinforced with geotechnical reinforcement, similar to plastic bunting, to resist tensile forces from the surrounding earth and retain the soil.

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