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Light fairy queen (Fran) is the best monster to build and use in the Summoners War. Many players often don’t have enough information on building and using this element of the game, and they need some help in this regard. There are several online SW guides to help the players, but every guide can’t be trusted for useful information. Fran can give you a boost in the gameplay. The best guide provides correct information on the best runes, stats, and ratings. Fairy Queen’s skills can be leveled up by powering up or evolving with monsters.

Light fairy queen

Information on Light fairy queen

What do you need to know about Light fairy queen?Skills, runes, strengths, and weaknesses are the things you should know about this monster. Its parameters are max stats (ATK: 670 DEF: 461 SPD: 103 HP: 10215). It is good for NB10, PvP, and Dimensional Hole. You can get it on the Ancient Magic Shop. The specified skills are light hurricane, light hurricane (strengthened), purify, and fairy’s blessing. Rune recommendations for beginners are focus on SPD, DEF, and HP. The two sets are energy, guard, and revenge runes, and four sets are swift rune. For the mid-end game, a focus on ATK, DEF, SPD, ACC, RES, and HP is needed. The two sets of runes are endure, nemesis, and will, and four sets are violent and swift.

Light fairy queen strengths and weaknesses

When you learn about Light fairy queen, your focus is also needed on strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are that Fran is a great healer in SW; she is easy to skill up using regular fairies; her third skill grants immunity; she has an excellent skill kit with low cool-down. The only weakness of Frans the overall low base stats requiring good runes to shine. It would be best if you dug a bit deeper to know more on this topic by searching on the additional source. 

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