Off Road Tyre Company

Earthmover Tyres Brisbane is a leading Tyre supplier in the state of Queensland. They offer both off road and mud tyres, as well as high performance tyres designed specifically for off road use. The company is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and is led by Managing Director, Mr James Sweeny. Mr Sweeny has been in the tyre industry for more than 10 years, starting out as a student who studied Industrial Design before starting up his own company two years later.

Off Road Tyre Company

The Earthmover Tyres website has a large selection of off road tyres, such as the Magna Truck tyre and the Bogger tyre. Although these are the most popular tyres available from Earthmover, they do have other types available which are designed for off road use. If you are looking for a specific type of off road tyre, such as the Monster Magna, then you can search the company’s website to see if they have that particular model available.

The Earthmover Tyres website also has a small range of mud tyres, which can be used on any type of terrain, not just mud. They are called Mud tyres, because the mud that the tyres will be used to have a very poor surface. However, the company has developed their tyres to be suitable for use on any type of terrain, including rocks, clay, gravel and sand. In addition to this, Earthmover Tyres offers tyres that are designed for off road trucks, four wheel drive, and all weather tyres.

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