Installing Microsoft Office 2021 on Your Computer

Microsoft Office Setup is the first step in using Microsoft Office software on your computer. This will allow you to connect Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs as well as other Microsoft Office applications such as Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. The Microsoft Office Setup wizard will walk you through the process of adding programs and features to your computer. Once you completed the setup, you will be able to start using Microsoft Office applications without problems. Find out –

The Ultimate Secret Of Installing Microsoft Office 2021 On Your Computer

To get started, select Get Started or activate Office and select Sign in to access Microsoft Office on your computer. You will need to enter your FSU ID or product key, see the appropriate sign-in page, select Next, and enter your product key. After you have entered your FSU ID or product key, click on Save to save your changes. Finally, you will see a message that Your Microsoft Office Setup has successfully completed successfully.

Now that Microsoft Office Setup has been completed, you can uninstall Microsoft Office. However, if you uninstalled Microsoft Office incorrectly, you may have some issues. The first thing you need to do is select the menu at the top of your screen and choose “Uninstall Microsoft Office”. You will see two options: Uninstall with Windows XP Home Edition or Uninstall with Windows Vista Home Edition. Follow the prompts, and you will remove Microsoft Office from your computer. When you are finished, restart your computer and reinstall Microsoft Office, or go back to the Microsoft Office Setup screen to reinstall it.

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