Incoloy Products

The Special Metals Corporation (SMC) group of companies manufactures a variety of Incoloy alloys. These superalloys exhibit a wide variety of properties and are ideal for a wide range of applications. These alloys are characterized by their tensile strength, yield strength, and high fracture properties.

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These materials are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and pressures and are particularly useful in oil and gas industries. Their corrosion-resistant properties also make them an excellent choice for marine applications. The chemistry of Incoloy alloys includes chromium and nickel, which combine to produce a material that is highly resistant to corrosion. In addition, Incoloy Products is resistant to physical degradation, which makes them ideal for high-pressure environments.

Incoloy is an alloy composed of mostly nickel, making it an ideal choice for applications that require high-temperature corrosion resistance. These alloys can be strengthened with other alloys to add further corrosion resistance. In addition, Incoloy is much easier to fabricate than Inconel, making it an excellent choice for oil and gas applications.

One of the most popular Incoloy alloys is 825, which exhibits excellent resistance to oxidizing and reducing acids. It also offers good corrosion-resistant properties in moderate-to-high temperatures. In addition, it is weldable using conventional processes.

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