How to Choose Casters

Whether you’re moving furniture, moving a load of lumber, or carrying heavy equipment, you will need casters. Casters make it possible for almost anything to roll on a flat surface.

Why is it called a caster?

Casters wheels come in different sizes and materials. You can choose from fixed, rigid, and swivel casters. They also come in different colors. Forged steel wheels are made to withstand tough impacts and high temperatures. These wheels have a higher load capacity. They are also more durable.

You’ll need to determine how you want to mount your caster. Some casters can be fixed on a pivot, while others can be mounted on a stem. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

You’ll want to choose a caster that has a wide wheel and a low profile. A wider wheel means it will roll easier and will help distribute weight better. A low profile also means less pressure on the floor.

The material of your caster’s wheels is also a factor. Plastic, rubber, and polyurethane wheels are good choices for lighter loads. They are easy to roll and abrasion resistant. These wheels are especially good for outdoor use.

You’ll also want to check the weight capacity of your caster. The higher the load capacity, the more heavyweight you can load onto the wheel. You should also check the wheel’s diameter. Casters with a large diameter are easier to roll and cover more ground in a single roll. This means they’ll move more easily, but they may leave marks on your floor.

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