How to avoid excess weight loss?

November 19, 2019 adblawor 0 Comments

Weight Loss is a big deal and few people do it very well. People who do it successfully they are worth the claps but what happens to the people who actually overdo it? People who over do it they are actually worth the attention and help cause it’s the society mainly which pushed them towards the process and now it is harming them. There are people who suffer body shaming when they are over weight and then they go into a whole new life changing process to shred out their fat and stand out in the crowd for the hard work but then they overdo it and the result is again a flurry of fat shaming words towards them. People should pay attention on some factors to avoid this.

weight loss.
  • Choosing a healthy daily routine – The daily routine should well organised with ample amount of sleep, perfect work timings and eating healthy. Shouldn’t be starving the whole day and then working out just to fasten the rate of weight loss.
  • Healthy Diet – Perfect amount of food or rather calories should be going into your body and not like more is burnt than taken in. Don’t just cut off carbohydrates, fats and sugar from your life routine. Reduce the frequency but don’t abandon it.
  • Keeping yourself motivated – Play some team sports, get involved socially, start doing some yoga.
weight loss.
  • Monitor your progress – Keep a track on what your missing from your body, what does your body require, what your body should cut off and definitely what all you should avoid.
  • Avoiding any kind of artificial medicines – Medicinal supplements are not the way out. That’s just a push to your body which should have been natural. And going against nature in these situations can actually be painful.

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