How the STD test happens?

STD testing
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There are numerous kinds of STDs and similarly there are “n” number of treatments and tests. Also, the kind of STD Testing is totally dependent on the type of symptoms the patient or rather a potential patient is having along with their medical history too.

STD testing

The history research is as important as it can get for the testing process. The whole process has to start from a proper practitioner. The practitioner is supposed to get to know the patient’s history and that requires asking various personal and detailed questions about the sexual encounters and also sometimes even ask about the number of times the patient has had an encounter. It is very necessary just to know where the STD might have come from. During STD Testing for girls they might have to even give a pelvic exam. A routine screen checks up is done for the girls who have minimal symptoms.

There are a few numbers of samples taken from the patient for the whole testing process-

  • Urine sample
  • Blood Sample
  • A salivary sample
  • Sample of the discharges
STD testing

Sometimes the tests are all done within the same premises the samples are taken. And those tests are done all in a swift process but at times when the process and test is in depth then there is a definite time taken. But also, there is nothing to panic about if it takes quiet a while because some times these tests take some time depending upon the lab the test is done. STD is considerably very stealthy in nature. In no circumstances one might know that whoever they are having a sexual encounter with has STD or not. But that fact itself makes STD so deadly. So, anyone who has been engaged in unprotected sexual encounters should keep a check on their STD symptoms and should definitely get checked frequently.

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