Enjoy an Enclosure at Sobha Town Park

Situated near the famous Internet cafes and shopping malls, Sobha Town Park is a quiet residential suburb of Bangalore that offers an ideal location for a family holiday in Bangalore. This is a good place to have a leisurely holiday while you are here. In fact, there are many things to do in and around the Sobha Town Park. If you want to have some activities planned, you can opt for a family tour to places like Kharadi Bazaar, Jantar Manar and the Commercial Street Mall. The malls here are quite modern and there is a lot of scope for shopping. There are several amusement parks located nearby to add more fun to your trip.

The Death Of Sobha Town Park And How To Avoid It

Besides shopping and sightseeing, you can also enjoy a game of golf at one of the resorts here. There are many facilities available to make your stay even more comfortable, such as restaurants and clubs. Some of these resorts even provide special discounts for honeymooners and discount tickets for those who book rooms in their resort with them. You can easily find a good hotel here at affordable prices. The hotel rates are quite low and the overall expenses are lower than what you would expect in a big city like Bangalore.

All the shopping and eating are great, but there are some other activities to do in and around the Sobha Town Park area. Many people who visit Bangalore love to do mountain biking. You can join an organized group biking tour or you can go on a personal adventure bike tour. You can enjoy all the trails in the region, which includes the Kachru Range and the APTDC Tiger Reserve. There are many other interesting trails in and around the Sobha Town Park. You can also participate in some eco-tourism activity here and get some really unique and exciting experience while you are here in Bangalore.

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