Defending Traffic Tickets With a Traffic Lawyer NYC

Traffic lawyer nyc

Defending Traffic Tickets in New York

In many instances, a Traffic lawyer nyc can help reduce or even dismiss a speeding ticket. While most drivers believe they will have to pay the fine and points on their license, this is not always the case. Often there are mitigating circumstances and many of these are best argued with a traffic attorney present in court at the time of the hearing. A traffic violation is a serious offense and the consequences are far reaching, including insurance rate increases and potentially even employment implications.

Besides the fine for a speeding ticket, pleading guilty could mean expensive penalties such as points on your driving record and NY State surcharges. These will affect your premiums for years to come and may result in thousands of dollars in increased insurance rates.

Navigating Traffic Offenses: How a NYC Traffic Lawyer Can Help You

If you are a NY resident and receive a traffic ticket, your matter will likely be heard in the local Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) rather than in criminal court unless it is a felony (such as Aggravated Unlicensed Operation). TVB judges are typically experienced attorneys who have special training in vehicle and traffic law. The judge has the power to decide your guilt or innocence, set fines and even take action against your license and/or registration if warranted. As a result, you should always respond to your traffic ticket and never ignore it. Unless you have taken a DMV-approved course to reduce the number of points, accumulating eleven points or more within an eighteen month period will cause your driver’s license to be suspended.

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