Choosing A Rifle From The Riffle Range

Choosing A Rifle From The Riffle Range

When it comes to rifles, shooting fun in Charlotte there is no substitute for the Realtor-owned Riffle Range in Charlotte NC. Whether shooting for deer, turkey, duck or any other game, the friendly, helpful staff is always happy to help and eager to help their customers find just the right hunting equipment they’re looking for. With over one hundred and fifty locations across seven counties in North Carolina, the Realtors are very popular among gun owners and hunters alike. There are also many licensed dealers and stores that carry products from this range. If you’re looking to expand your shooting area or just want to check out some new rifles, the friendly folks at the Riffle Range are happy to help.


If you’re going to hunt, be sure to bring a lot of money and also plenty of bullets. Because the Riffle Range has a limited amount of hunting equipment, they’ve implemented an application process where if you’ve been approved to rent the guns, you’ll need to turn in your permit, which will get you a special hunting license. If you don’t have a permit and plan on hunting with guns, then you may be turned away at the gate. If you’re going to bring food and beverages with you, be sure to check with the management about the maximum size you can bring. Some of the most popular hunting packages include overnight accommodations, meals and even gun rentals.


For more information on the Riffle Range, check them out on the Internet at their official website. They also have an active Facebook and Twitter account so you can keep up to date on news and current specials. For more than forty years, this family owned business has served the community with a wide variety of products and services for hunting and fishing. Bring the family out to try their meats at The Range, and see for yourself why they’ve become such a local favorite.

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