What to Expect From a Tantra School

There are three main perspectives on the study of Embodied awakening Academy tantra, and each has an individual focus and methodology. These three schools include but are not limited to Bhakti, Kriya and Tantra. Although these three perspectives to share much of the same information, their focus is not the same. They also do not all teach the same or use the same procedures in their approach to tantra. As such, you can be assured that each of these three schools has unique offerings to students.

What Can You Do About Tantra Training Online Right Now

The first of the three perspectives on tantra is Bhakti. This school views tantra as a path to spiritual realization, and therefore involves the worship of certain deities or spirits as a means of reaching this state. This includes but is not limited to specific deities or spirits from Indian mythologies, such as Ganesh the Gana, Shakti the consort of the gods, and Devi the daughter of Brahma. These deities or spirits are invoked for various tantra practices and ceremonies, including kundalini awakening. Because of this focus on worshiping of deities or spirits, Bhakti yoga is often thought of as a tantra school that focuses on rituals alone.

The second school of tantra is Kriya. This school believes that tantra can benefit those who practice it, through various techniques, but does not require specific deities or rituals. This is different than the Bhakti school, because it does not view tantra practices or rituals as a means to achieving kundalini awakening. The practices involved with Kriya tantra include meditation and chanting, but are not aimed at reaching kundalini.